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What are paid surveys and how people can start making $30-100/day?

Many people complain, they can't make more than $300/month with paid surveys. And it's true.Most of the people, completing surveys can not make a lot of money. But don't worry. That's why we are here - to help you start making much more. If you follow the steps here, you won't believe you can make so much. Surveys are the EASIEST and FASTEST way to start making money online. So why miss them? Companies pay money for researching their markets. People like YOU make money, by answering easy questions. All you have to do is register and start making money. Before we continue let't talk about paid survey scams. Scamers typically offer you to make something like $100/hour, which is not possible. Then they tell that you will start making these money only if you pay them. Don't pay. You won't become a millionaire with paid surveys if you pay "only $40". Join only paid surveys with free registration. Here at we have a list of the top paying surveys. We spend a lot of time to research legit survey panels. We send only 100% legit panels. Legitimate surveys are: 100% free to register, they actually pay, they have good customer support, they work with well known companies. We NEVER offer scam!!! All you have to do is register to our site. Once registered, you'll start receiving the highest paying surveys.




3 Important Steps To Make a lot of Money with Paid Surveys!


1. Register with The Highest Paying Companies !

The problem with most legitimate surveys is that they have limited numbers of offers. So our suggestion is - JOIN WITH AS MANY SURVEYS AS POSSIBLE AND COMPLETE THEIR HIGHEST PAYING OFFERS !!! THAT WAY YOU WILL START MAKING $30-100/DAY! Below you'll see our list of the top panels, which will help you start making money immediately. If you want to find a list of all high paying surveys, register to our site and we will send you this list. At the moment we have about 10 HIGH PAYING surveys, which is enough for you to make good money. If you register with hundreds of surveys, it won't be OK. Probably the best strategy is to register with 10-30 panels. Again, all of them are free so you lose nothing. Let's say one company sends you only one offer a week, would you join? Why not !


2. Start Immediately !

We know that you want to start making a lot of money immediately. The problem with some of the surveys is that when you register they don't know you. This means that at the beginning you won't find only high paying offers. And here is where most of the people fail. They register, then if they see only low paying surveys, they cancel. If you do that, don't expect to make a lot of money. But, if you start completing these offers immediately, they'll see that you are serious and in time they'll start sending you better offers. More surveys you complete, more money you'll be making. Let's say you register with one panel and find only $3/offer, don't ignore it. Actually $3-5 for let's say 10-30 minutes is not so bad. Start completing these offers and most of the panels will start sending you better offers soon. Another thing you have to know is that most of these surveys have special offers for their regular panelists. For example, one have star system, another have VIP panelists, another will start sending you products to survey and you will keep these products after that, another will just start sending you high paying offers. All of these things means more money for you. And the last thing you have to keep in mind is that most of these companies have rewards for random panelists. There are a lot of rewards you can get, between $1,000 to $10,000. By registering with many surveys you increase your chance to get such a reward. Let's say you register with 10 panels and each of them have monthly rewards for random panelists. That way you have a chance to get such a reward. IMPORTANT ! Check for new offers often. Keep in mind that most of the highest paying offers will be filled immediately and you won't make them.


3. Be Honest !

One of the most common mistake people make is they think that clicking buttons will make them money. There are some people who have made money that way, but this is definitely not a good strategy! These companies pay money because they want to know what do you think about their products. That's why they pay. If they find that you don't answer these questions honestly, they will ban you. These offers are easy, please just read carefully and answer correctly, you won't make a mistake. They have a lot of ways to determine are you honest or not, for example they have interconnected questions, they will compare the answers you give in all of the surveys and in your profile surveys, which means you profile surveys have to be completed correctly, they sometime ask what do you think and you have to write about that. Another mistake people make is if they find a good offer they make several fake accounts, hoping that they will complete it and get paid several times. Of course there are other ways for people to cheat. But let's stop with that. Don't go that way ! You will only lose money. Let's say you cheat and make some money. You will lose your account in time. Instead of clicking buttons, answer correctly. When they ask you something write exactly what do you think. Instead of making a lot of fake accounts, register with many panels. That way you won't make a mistake. Let's say you have a good paying offer from one panel today, but the next day you can receive a good paying offer from another panel. That way you will start making more money.



List of the Top Paying Surveys

Here is a list of the top paying surveys. We encourage you to register with all of them immediately, if the registration is still open and complete at least one survey today. Want more? No problem. Just register to our site and we will send you a list of more than 10 high paying surveys. We will NEVER spam you! provides you all of the highest paying surveys and all of the information about them. Now, let's make some money.




MySurvey is one of the top paid survey companies.You won't make a mistake, if you join them.They have been doing this for more than 40 years (over 10 years online).They paid more than $16 Millions last year.The good thing about MySurvey is that more surveys you complete more you will receive.That's why it is important to start completing surveys as fast as you can. Register, complete your registration and start making money today.

MySurvey Canada

MySurvey United Kingdom

Number of Surveys: High
Payment type: PayPal
Points: 1000 points - $10
Registration fee: No, 100% Free Registration
SingUp Bonus: 500 points
Sweepstakes: $4,500 Monthly




Harris Poll is the Cadillac of survey sites. Their research is well-respected and frequently cited; the number of points awarded per survey is generous; and there are lots of rewards to choose from – cash, gift cards, and sweepstakes entries.

Harris Poll Canada

Harris Poll UK




Ipsos I-say is is probably one of the mot popular panels.If you want to start making money immediately, this this panel is for you. By joining, you'll receive a lot of surveys instantly. My advice is to complete as many surveys as you can at the beginning. That way they will start sending you more. If you don't complete any surveys, they will stop.They value your time, by giving you points when disqualified.

Ipsos Canada




Pinecone Research is one of the most popular paid survey company. No delay, no scam. They pay instantly when you complete a survey. You get $3-5 for one 10-30 minute survey. What are you waiting for?

Why to start making money with surveys?

The only one problem with paid surveys is that no panel will pay a lot of money. That's why you have to register with as many panels as possible and start making easy money. Legitimate surveys are free to register. Join only paid surveys with free registration.


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    - Elizabeth Carter